Business Analysis Manager

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Position : Business Analysis Manager

Salary : 10-15 Million Yen

JobRef : 95

Date : 21 January 2012

Location : Tokyo


<Purpose of the job>
1. Commercial Analysis and Management of pipeline in Japan.
2. Cross-functional coordination of the preparation of business cases of new products and relevant inputs to be incorporated into the integrated development & commercial programs: pipeline and license-in.
3. Input into the formulation of the middle-long-term business plans.
4. Maintenance of Market Models and Epidemiology databases.
5. Strategic insight and recommendations to help company’s growth.

<Principal tasks>
1. Maintain the list of potential candidate project with updated business evaluations.
2. Generate the integrated development proposals for new entry candidates.
3. Provide business input on candidate project to local and global management.
4. Effectively collaborate with all of concerned members of global and local teams.
5. Ensure that all hotspots, target product profile and business strategy of the candidate project are reflected in the proposed commercial program.
6. Ensure the optimum blend of team members so the working team is flexible and staffed at a level to accomplish the goals of development & commercial program building.
7. Chair working team meetings in an effective and positive manner.
8. Generate commercial plans with milestones designed to critically define the risk and enable clear decisions.
9. Maintenance of Market Models and Epidemiology databases.

<Management responsibility>
1. To provide strategic and functional leadership in multifunctional team activities, for assessment of new entry candidates and building of commercial strategy.
2. To provide comprehensive and high-quality input, from the perspective of Japanese business, that helps the company make decisions on new products, which are destined to become successful new medicines.
3. To evaluate candidate compounds on the basis of scientific, clinical needs, clinical development potential and competition in Japan, and to provide entry-into-human recommendations.
4. To create commercial plans that are above industry standard and which result in minimized resources employed and higher sales and profits obtained.
5. To provide comprehensive and high-quality Japan input into the global decision-making processes.

<Qualifications and know-how>
1. Degree: Pharmacy, Biology, Science degree
2. Hands-on experience/training on commercial evaluation of early-stage projects in pharmaceutical company.

English (reading, writing, speaking) : high level required
Japanese (reading, writing, speaking) : high level required

(Experience and specific knowledge)
1. Possess knowledge of science, drug discovery, development principles and practice, and business acumen with special focus on risks and potentials associated with early stage projects.
2. An in-depth training in business principles and practices. Experience in marketing of new products and/or marketed product.
3. Competent with budget preparation/analysis, basic project management, forecast preparation, portfolio management and economic principles.

(Professional skills)
1. Excellent presentation skills in both English and Japanese.
2. Demonstrate the ability to lead multidisciplinary teams focused in a matrix environment.
3. Encourage open dialogue, brainstorming and swift making of key decisions.
4. Encourage creative or unconventional ideas that maximize commercial product potential.
5. Demonstrate a high level of skill in problem solving
6. Maintain a global perspective, and demonstrate the ability to think and act in a global.

(Personal skills)
1. Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and communication skills in interactions with individuals at all levels in the organization, both global and local.
2. Excellent leadership skills, good logical and analytical ability and have proven ability to perform.
3. A strong motivation to achieve, commitment to perform quality work, ability to adjust in any kind of working conditions and a strong appetite to learn new things.

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