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Mission Statement:

To provide a professional and personal service to clients and candidates in the healthcare and life sciences sector, ensuring a smooth and successful recruitment process. To achieve our mission we are transparent and flexible, providing the most appropriate solutions by listening carefully to our clients and understanding their needs.

Company Profile:

Highland Consulting is an executive search firm with a specific focus on the recruitment and selection of professionals for the healthcare and life sciences industry covering sales, marketing, research & development, and back office functions. When you are looking to fill an important role, it makes sense to use a search agency that specializes exclusively in life sciences. Highland Consulting’s reputation is built on the ability of it’s consultants to assess both competency and cultural fits, whilst having access to high quality talent as a result of extensive domestic and global networks. When you see a referral from Highland Consulting, you can be assured that the candidate has been carefully assessed, screened, and matched to the position and company culture by industry specialists.


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